The provisions of this event will be posted on the event website. By participating in this event, participants will agree to all rules and follow all activities of the flow of activities.

1. During the 1. Activities: 2015/06/01 (GMT + 8 00:00:00) to 2015/11/30 (GMT + 8 23:59:59)

2. Participants: The event is open to all people living in mainland China and its citizens. Working executives participating in any activity organizers and their family members are not allowed to participate.

3. Draw prizes:
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov 1 iSafeFile Car Video Recorder DrivePro 200 GPSmile6562 IP Camera Multi-Functional Cooker Vulcan PRO 2 Just Mobile AluPen Digital™ 3in1 Cloud Storage Box Qi-Point Heating Pad Xtand Go Z1™ Mini SoundBar iPin Laser Presenter 3 Choice UC330 USB OTG Flash DrivePQI Power Bank Squre-Round Mug Twinbo Kinetic Energy Dumbbell Choice UC330 USB OTG Flash Drive 4 Twinbo multi-purpose magnetic tape*2 Apotop i-Selfie Join Me Tumbler PQI Power Bank Apotop i-Selfie Join Me

4. Lucky draw Eligibility: Participants complete the task of the month can be list on the lucky draw name list for drawing the monthly award.

5. Lucky draw time table:
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov 2015/07/03 2015/08/05 2015/09/03 2015/10/05 2015/11/04 2015/12/03

6. Winner Announcement:
Winners will receive a prize notification within 24 hours after the draw is completed by e-mail. Winners must reply to the notification and attach their complete personal information within seven days. Organizers confirmed by the completion of the information that is published in the award-winning website "Winners" block. If the winner fails to reply to an e-mail within 7 days of notification; or enclose complete information, winning qualification will be canceled, the organizers will reconvene draw. Winner response to any situation that may occur, the organizer reserves the right to amend the list of winners. If the data event organizers can not provide event participants through e-mail and to send notice to the parties, the organizers will not take any responsibility.

7. Note:
A. All event participants should provide the correct information for prize notification. If any provide false, incomplete information or confirmation of the situation can not reply within the time limit, the winners will lose all rights. Organizers of this event for any errors or incorrect information does not have the legal responsibility will be to take actors. Winning record in providing any false, fraudulent information will make winners of the disqualification, and have to bear the relevant legal responsibility for the above behavior. If this occurs, the organizers have the right to cancel the eligibility to participate in all of their identity as well as for any activity deemed detrimental to the rights of this behavior, to retain the law retrospective. If there are active participants in making any of these acts, and has been winning, the organizer will cancel its award-winning status.
B. All information provided B. actors only stop for quality-related activities in Taiwan, will not publicly disclose or without consent. All information on participation in this event will be conducted in order to verify the organizers reserved.
C. If it is established whether there are active participants in any form or manner, against the event organizers, the execution unit or any other third party units, the parties will have to bear all legal responsibilities and related fines.
D. For any of the participants due to their own technical problems or failures, such as: computer, Internet, and telephone. Cause event participants can not perform their rights and responsibilities, can not be attributed to the organizers.
E. If any prize because there is no permission from the Government or because regulations, customs, transportation, and other factors can not be smoothly transported, the organizers have the right to replace the prizes for any Taiwanese equivalent of the delay fine or coordinate the delivery of prizes.
F. If any person to attack sites or use improper means of a manner contrary to the principle of fairness in an attempt to confuse affect the final result will be removed from the event, and no longer meets the eligibility to participate. And event organizers will retain its legal retrospective.
G. If for any unexpected events occur which cause the situation can not continue smoothly, organizers have the right to cancel, terminate or postpone the event.
H. According to the Taiwan government tax law stipulates that foreigners must pay a 20% winning income tax withholding. Event organizers will pay this tax on behalf of.
I. This activity is governed by the ROC laws. Any legal dispute will be submitted to the Taipei District Court as the court of first instance.
J. The event organizer reserves the right to assess the eligibility to participate in, and have the final interpretation and revision, adding and deleting events right
K. If any local activities is not clear, please contact the organizer (

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