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Living Appliances and Healthcare:Using Apex Technology to increase convenience and care.

Through medical enhancements, it is raising the average lifespan of the entire world, and by creating a higher quality of life, it is able to move the world market towards the need for healthcare products. Healthcare products are able to move away from the image of bitter tasting medicine, towards higher quality and design. Taiwanese factories are gaining a competitive edge by combining technology with the philosophy “Humans as the starting point,” to create the user experience. It also uses “design” as the core spirit to raising the standard of excellence in the products.

Taiwanese firms are extremely experienced in the areas of material use, electronic technology, system integration, and design. All products must pass rigorous inspection and quality control tests, opening and sharing the products around the world, making the worldwide standards in each industry. The firms are performing extremely well around the world, winning the invention and design awards in IF/ other competitions. From categories such as medical equipment to personal products, the products receive great reviews, winning the hearts of worldwide specialists as well as consumers.

The winner of the 2014 iF design award, O'right uses “Lifestyle” and “Green Thinking” as design philosophies, creating unique products that connects closely life and emotions. Another winner of Taiwan Excellence, LINKWIN technology focus on “Humans as the starting point” as it’s design strategy, creating extremely functional and delicate heating/cooling pads. Making their name worldwide using precise technology, companies like Karma, Apex, Bionime, Microlife and Mitcrop, create sophisticated technology that heightens the user experience, making wheelchairs, medical equipments, surgical equipments, and surround sound systems that are convenient and user-friendly.

The winner of the 2013 Taiwan Excellence award, the well-known brand NKG uses Carnation.

”as the core for its branding, creating a safe and hygienic image for its hygiene pads, diapers, moist towels, and other personal products. And the winner of the 2014 Taiwan Excellence award, BenQ, continues to be a leader through its materials such as the clever use of Polaroid, touch and 3D optical film development creating products in daily life such as pimple stickers, contact lenses, bandages, and other medical beauty products. There is infinite possibility that is created from a simple need, and through creativity and hard work, Taiwan lifestyle and healthcare industries makes today’s technology have more warmth and caring aspect to them.

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