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International Certificated Home & Living Products

In the territory of Home & Living products, Taiwan also stands firmly on her own, from lighting products, home appliances, home construction goods to cultural industry products. Taiwan’s “Smile MIT Logo” is a certificate indicates products’ quality, practicality and security. Over the years, the product design capability of Taiwan has also been recognized by several global design awards, like iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Awards. Someday you may have an opportunity to visit this beautiful country and take the time to enjoy every surprise that you encounter in Taiwan. However, you may already be living “inside” Taiwan with a lifestyle surrounded by ingenious products from this warm and friendly island.

Lighting Up the World

Lighting appliances are a traditional and strong export product of Taiwan. Major companies such as Kenyo, Just Power, and Leadray not only produce OEM products for many international brands, but also have their own strong brand name that make many excellent lighting solutions from LED bulbs to light sources for industrial and home lighting. In 2013, the market size of Taiwan’s lighting industry would achieve US $1.58 billion according to the report from Industrial Technology Research Institute.

In addition to the excellent and stable supply, Taiwanese lighting products are famous for their advanced technology for being brighter, lasting longer, saving more energy, and for their rich sense of design in their product’s appearance.

The revenue of Taiwan's LED makers was US $1.6 billion in 2011, and it is expected to hit a record high thanks to an economic rebound and a massive replacement for outdated appliances in consideration to the environment. In 2012, Taiwan was the second largest LED lighting manufacturer in the world. An optimistic estimate by the government shows that the production value will reach US $34 billion by 2015, accounting for approximately 6.6% of Taiwan’s entire manufacturing industry.

Home Appliances for Daily Living

There’s a very good chance you already have a number of home appliances that were made in Taiwan.

For decades, Taiwan makes practical products for your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and garage; as technologies progress, Taiwan is now making better, smarter gadgets for the home to make your life easier and more convenient.

For instance, the consumers now not only have choices for Taiwanese TAITUNG electric cookers, but also Chanson Water purification systems, Inaday photocatalyst mosquito traps, SUPER GUIDER electric water heaters, TECO smart refrigerators and SAKURA Stoves among many other consumer electronics. The intelligent home appliance is now the future trend for home appliance development. Taiwanese brands are ready to embrace and step out to gain an important position in the world.

These may not seem as showy as cutting-edge products like smartphones, but you may not live comfortably without them. After being the user of great Taiwanese products, would you leave your home without a wonderful product from Taiwan?

Household Appliances and Cultural Creative Living

Many Taiwanese manufactured household appliances, such as Chanson Water’s ionizers, water filters; the CASHIDO Ozone AntiBacterial Sanitizer; and other Caesars bath products, all possess the characteristics of simple installment and quick operation. In addition, these products are also recognized by multiple international quality certifications. Other products, such as SHUTERS storage boxes, HEC salad bowls, and Dr. Si Kitchen implements, add aesthetic interest and fun to household life while demonstrating Taiwan’s design potential and exquisite craftsmanship to the world.

As cultural awareness has emerged in Taiwan in recent years, the cultural creative industry has become a recreational and consumer mainstay in Taiwan while also bringing boundless vitality. Novel products such as paper figures, efficient staplers, magnetic tapes, and incense attract the spotlight on the international stage, allowing users to experience the unique charm of Taiwan’s cultural creative industry.

With products from Taiwan, you will not only become more connected to the world, but also work smarter, move faster and live healthier.

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