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If you think you’re moving forward on your own power, think again. Many bicycles, sports gear and green vehicles are from Taiwanese makers. Rest assured, consumers have a clean but powerful boost in their performance from this energetic, fast-paced island.

Bicycles: Rolling with Confidence

According to an international market survey conducted by NPD, bicycles have taken a whopping 15% share of the global sports gear market with US $46 billion in revenue. Growth is expected to hit US $60.4 billion by 2018. According to the statistics from Euromonitor, the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) holds the first position for output value worldwide, estimated at US $28.5 billion, Indonesia ranks 2nd (US $6.4 billion) and Taiwan ranks 3rd (US $1.8 billion). In 2013, the market share for Taiwanese bicycles achieved 10%, based on stable growth. This data indicates that Taiwanese bicycles brands not only concentrate on productivity, but also on the development of their brand image and quality.

In the recent economic downturn, the Taiwanese bicycle industry and health-conscious minded people don’t seem to be affected. Taiwan exported nearly 4.3 million bicycles in 2013, while the average unit price of each unit rose 8.86% to hit US $1.8 billion total export value. That is, Taiwanese brands not only seek to sell in volume, but also with higher margins. Internationally renowned Taiwanese brands such as Merida, Volando, Strida, and Tern have invested in cutting-edge technologies, allowing them to market products around the world at boutique grade prices and profits.

In the 2013 Taipei International Cycle Show, over 7,000 buyers from 107 countries came to attend the world-class festival, making the show Asia’s first and the world’s second largest bicycle purchasing platform for the industry to exchange the latest design concepts and for buyers to procure the newest bicycles or related parts for their respective domestic markets. Examples include SAB’s innovative braking system which significantly increases safety while riding road bikes and Kenda’s wide variety of tires that effectively minimize tire rolling resistance. In the 2014 Taipei International Cycle Show, the participants were dedicated to launching their latest products and introducing prototypes. Besides the major brands from Taiwan, 27% of the exhibitors at TAIPEI CYCLE came from overseas, demonstrating the shows international standing as a worldwide leader.

Sporting Goods: Good for Your Health

Like bicycles, sporting goods are also one of Taiwan’s signature product categories. In 2012, the export value reached US $1.66 billion, and it grew to an astonishing US $1.8 billion in 2013. Bicycle accessories exports grew by 18.3%, to reach US $930 million.

As buyers from the US, UK, Japan and China flock to Taiwan for the latest exercise innovations, world-class events such the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics are expected to continually propel exercise trends for the health inclined as well as bring immense business potential to exercise equipment manufacturers in Taiwan.

On the other hand, the personal fitness equipment market is also flourishing. Johnson Health Technology from Taiwan is one of the largest vendors of such products and aims to control 25% of the global market by 2015. In 2011, Johnson acquired Nautilus to become the world's second-largest home fitness equipment manufacturer. Other brands like SportsArt, DYACO T-CORE, and UCHEER Kinetic Energy Dumbbell, have emerged as top competitors in the global sporting equipment market through manufacturing high quality exercise equipment.

Electric-Powered Vehicles: The Greenest Move

The earth is running hot and we are all doing our share to change the game. Aside from healthy, emission-free bicycles, other green options are also being aggressively explored in Taiwan.

That’s where the electric-powered vehicles (EV) come in. As an island with virtually no oil, Taiwan knows how to save energy on personal transportation. In fact, Taiwan is already leading the worldwide two-wheeled EV markets and is pursuing excellence in the four-wheeled arena.

Since Taiwan is already skillful in EV battery, motor, components, automotive information technologies and even full-vehicle construction, it’s relatively effortless for Taiwanese makers to form a comprehensive supply chain to fulfill the world’s need for greener means of transportation.

Today, renowned industrial leaders such as LUXGEN, All Win Green and Green Jet, among others, are working on highly efficient electric cars so they can take a leading position in the next-generation global automotive market.

Automobiles & Motorcycles: Taiwan on Wheels

Boasting the world’s first true intelligent car, Taiwan’s LUXGEN has demonstrated its capability to build world-class luxurious, high-performance automobiles. In 2012, LUXGEN started producing the LUXGEN 5, a turbocharged 5-seat medium sized sedan. It’s equipped with the revolutionary “THINK+ Touch” infotainment system, jointly developed with one of the world’s leading smartphone makers, HTC. The LUXGEN 5 sedan became a symbolic product in Taiwan’s automobile industry. Moreover, in recent years, international sales are growing across the continent. Taiwan has developed outstanding automobile peripherals, such as PAPAGO’s driving recorder, RoadEZ’s GPS products and Orange’s electronic tire pressure monitor. These companies have dedicated themselves to R&D, innovation, strict monitoring of product quality, and provide reliable guarantees to driving safety over the long term. Their products are exported to America, Europe, and Japan.

Due to Taiwan’s high population density and geography, scooters are an indispensable mode of transportation in daily life. One out of every 1.53 people owns a scooter, making Taiwan one of the world’s major scooter markets. This has allowed Taiwan’s scooter industry to accumulate a certain degree of technical potential to shine on the international stage. Taiwanese motorcycle brands, such as KYMCO, SYM and PGO, possess excellent capacity for manufacturing and exportation. Their products are both visually impressive and highly efficient, with quality that has already been widely recognized internationally.

Sports & Recreation

The reason why Taiwanese corporations are able to keep their high position in the global golfing equipment manufacturing industry can be contributed to their outstanding precision manufacturing, molding technology, and R&D capacity. It enables Taiwanese corporations to produce high quality golfing equipment and peripherals. Products made by Flying and Sonostar are sold in Europe, America, Japan, the UK, Australia, South Africa, and many other nations. They are dedicated to bringing high technology into recreational living.

With regard to recreation, Lien Cheng saxophones and XM electronic drum kits manufactured in Taiwan are recognized internationally for their outstanding quality and innovative aesthetic designs. In addition, PULI PAPER combines art with life.

Demanding innovation and quality, Taiwanese corporations are now actively conquering new milestones in the global market through technological advances in R&D and continual product improvements.

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