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Number one worldwide for “Utility Patents Per Million Population”

Without even knowing it, you may already be a happy user of Taiwanese products. When you turn a laptop on, surf the internet or answer a call, there’s a good chance you’re taking advantage of the innovative technologies from Taiwan.

For decades, Taiwan has been concentrating on information technology, in the territory of personal computers, smartphones, storage devices, broadband equipment and media players from this island are topping the charts worldwide. To maintain its position in the market, Taiwan has built a solid foundation of R&D, branding, and a comprehensive supply chain. International media and research institutes have long recognized the excellence of Taiwanese companies; just to name a few: the World Economic Forum rated Taiwan first in “state of cluster development” in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, the number of “Utility Patents Per Million Population” reached a number of 518, higher than that in America (466 items), which ranked as the top of the world.

Window of Intelligence

Taiwan provides the lion’s share of the most advanced laptops, tablets, smartphones and computer peripherals in the world. This includes Getac laptops, Genius peripheral products, In Win PC cases, GIGABYTE Laptops, Avision Mobility Scanners, MSI Tablets, Thermaltake Gaming peripheral appliances, and BXB video conference systems. All of these companies have continually invested R&D and design resources in product innovation. It has become their goal to build a wonderful future through advanced digital technology.

In 2012, Acer and Asus were the fourth and fifth largest laptop makers of the world respectively, enjoying more market share than all of the Japanese and Korean companies.

In addition to laptops, smartphones are another arena with many active Taiwanese contenders. Despite the fierce competition, HTC still delivered 32.6 million units in 2012 with a 4.6% global market share as the world’s third largest smart phone provider in Android phones. In 2014, HTC launched the HTC One (M8), which was announced as “The best HTC Mobile ever”. Going along with the high publicity and its astonishing functionality, HTC is moving toward 8% of market share.

In the growing enthusiasm for tablets, Taiwan is also a significant player. As many technologies are derived from their successful smartphones and netbooks, Taiwan has the natural lead on tablets thanks to the outstanding performance, genuine innovations and competitive price.

Today, Asus and Acer, the two Taiwanese laptop specialists, are also exerting their power in the tablet market. In addition to the Android system, these two companies caught on to the newest Windows 8 trend in 2012, coming out on top of a new wave of competitive tablet systems. In 2013, they launched the FonePad (ASUS) and Iconic (ACER), which combine cell phone and tablet functionality to conquer the cross-industry product market. Total shipping quantity is expected to exceed more than 10 million units.

Connecting the World

The prevalence of mobile computing has changed the way the internet is used, and has created further growth in storage, networking and online media products. Taiwan excels in the manufacturing of these products and is the unsung hero behind the global information exchange.

No matter if you’re using mobile devices or desktop computers, you’d need first-class network equipment to become part of the Internet; and you could already have Taiwanese network switches, routers, wireless access points or even all of them on your shelf. For instance, D-Link, Edimax, and DrayTek, among other Taiwanese makers, have considerable worldwide market share in their segments. D-Link has a 33% share of the world’s market for Enterprise WLAN equipment in 2013 , while Edimax unveiled the world’s smallest wireless 3G router that brings the internet everywhere.

As you may have imagined, there are indeed countless modems, routers and central office equipment from Taiwan in schools, homes and offices supporting the learning, entertainment, communication and business activities around the world.

In addition to network communications equipment, the Taiwanese brand SpareOne markets an emergency backup cell phone, setting itself apart from all regular phones. Only one AA battery is enough to sustain the phone for up to 15 years [days on standby], or for up to 10 hours of continuous talk time. These intelligent designs have added many conveniences to life.

In 2014, Taiwan steps into the next generation of 4G LTE. Due to the mature development of the industry, worldwide Internet Service Providers (ISP) will consider purchasing devices from upstream manufactures. Taiwanese brands will ride-on this trend to empower the additional value of the ICT industry and expand the market.

Carry-Along Data Warehouse

A fairly large portion of the world’s USB flash drives, a convenient means of data transportation, is made by Taiwanese vendors. ADATA is the second largest memory module provider in the world and the third for USB flash drives with over 500 NAND Flash patents. There are also several Taiwanese companies such as Silicon Power, Transcend, Apacer, and PQI that provide people in the information era with high-quality, reliable storage devices.

Immersive Multimedia Experience

Taiwan stands above the rest in the multimedia territory. It is still an important source of TV tuners, set-top boxes, projectors and other entertainment units from companies such as Optoma, BenQ, AVerMedia and PX.

Optoma is currently the largest DLP projector vendor of the world, exploring new opportunities with miniaturized and 3D projectors. BenQ has quickly become the world’s second place producer in DLP projectors as well as the second largest short-throw and 3D projector brand in Asia. Other Taiwanese companies, such as Vivitek, have launched easy to carry, HD miniaturized projectors with wireless internet capability. Their exquisite craftsmanship, design, and functionality have swept the global business miniaturized projector market by storm.

Behind everyone’s intellectual life in front of a desk or on the move, these innovative IT and communication products from Taiwan makes life richer and more exhilarating to pursue both knowledge and sensual enjoyments.

It’s not a privilege, but has already become a right to connect with the rest of our world. Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, if you are part of the new information based world, you are probably already a satisfied patron of something exciting from Taiwan.

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