Brand Story

Since 2000, Kuonao has had “health and beauty” as the spindle of industry development and had “product Innovation” and “brand diversification” on the demands of new product development. Kuonao has series in every product category as commodity set to adapt to different consumer groups.The main brand“KUONAO”has the brand concept as “global initiation and exclusive ingenuity” with sub-brand product line,“Ucushion,Upillow” to have mastering the trend,creating demand, differentiating values and estimating production and activating ideas as the five indicators and positioning for branding. Kuonao consistently has “market trends and demand” as the guide and make good use of the patent protection strategy.Recently,“green and energy-saving” are integrated into the concept of development as the design direction and focus on engineering design concepts of “excellent,soft,efficient and saving”.All products have meeting consumer habits and it is also the basic care for users.