Brand Story

Due to environmental destruction and climate change, Simpla realized the only way of the human survival is to treat the earth well and coexist with it. We select the right resources to reduce further damage to the earth, by replaced petroleum-based plastics with renewable and biodegradable polylactide (PLA) to let our daily life more safety and health. The main theory of the brand “玉米田” is as non-toxic, healthy and environmental friendly. To fulfill this conception we cooperate with many notable partners, and received a great reaction in Taipei International Flora Expo in 2010. Simpla endeavors to boost the eco-friendly concept throughout the brand of“玉米田”. All products passed SGS test as non-toxic and no heavy metal leftover, and passed microwave test with temperature resistance between -20°C and 120°C, also passed the durable test of 1-meter-height free fall without damage. The products from Simpla have been proved as the best quality in PLA field.