Brand Story

Realizing their dreams to live and work the way they want to, 20 experienced entrepreneurs in the technology industry led a group of more than 100 recent graduates in establishing a lively and successful business. CEO Li Ming Wang can often be heard telling employees that they are not simply going to work; they are helping to create a business. He values creativity and is never one to waste resources, emphasizing that the whole Gigastone family are its founders; a mindset that is the secret to the company’s rapid growth in a mere four years. Gigastone lives by the ideals of teamwork, innovation, vigor, and sharing, using a red logo to represent the lively spirit of entrepreneurship. Working to establish retailers globally, Gigastone stays in the front lines of the electronics industry, using cutting edge technology to develop products to fit in with our rapidly changing lifestyles. Gigastone is dedicated to creating the perfect solutions for every need.