Brand Story

In the past, our teachers used black board in classroom, teachers will write as many as possible the content beging organized; meanwhile, students are following teachers’ step recording everything on the blackboard to their note books. We cannot remember how and when the white board take place of black board, teachers don’t need to teach in dust all the day. At the same time, techonlogy born and changes the model of classroom, the content from simple writing or dragging some lines to digital content. DR. BOARD born at the moment devoted ourselves to overturn the traiditional learling model to technology. Dr. Board is not only devoting but also being prepared to be one of the toppest brand i the world. Our target is to provide a simple use, easy operation, full equipped necessary function, and affordable products. By means of interactive model, over turn traditional teaching, which strongly enhance students joining the class, that increasing learning score on every